Web Hosting With Great Customer Service

Source: EzineArticles

The web hosting industry is more competitive than ever. This is causing the web hosts to have to offer the best prices. While this is good news for the customers it is not for the hosting companies. In return for low pricing some companies lack in customer assistance. This is unfair for customers. Fortunately, some reputable companies can maintain excellent customer service while still offering the most competitive web hosting packages and rates.

Why does customer service matter? After maintaining websites for many years you begin to get understanding of what is good service and poor service. It is sad to say that some web hosts outsource their customer service to a group of “techs” in other countries that will answer their customers for them. Sending people overseas to do the job is not the problem; the issue is that those “techs” don’t care about their job and don’t want to help you because that is not their company and they are getting paid a few cents an hour. There is nothing worse than having a complex technical problem on a website that gets a lot of traffic but you are stuck on the phone repeating yourself on the issue ten times and the person on the other end is just giving you one or two word answers. Believe it or not this is reality in the hosting industry.

When you are inquiring about a service or feature you want to get all the information and details. You want to be treated courteously and professionally. You want to be answered timely and with a full response. If you are looking for web hosting, before making a commitment to be with a host, tryout their customers support (over the phone, by chat, by email, and any other possible way. Make sure that they are committed to the satisfaction of their customers and that they will give you the service you are paying or will be paying for.

It is possible to find reliable web hosting providers that offer the same if not better customer service than the most expensive ones.




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